5 Sensory Gifts For Him – Finding His Sweet Spot

A man will always be impressed by your five senses, so make it a point to give him one or two of them every month. Most women complain that men just don’t give them enough attention and appreciation. You should learn how to use these five senses to please your man and keep him happy in bed.

He will most likely fall for you if you show that you are open to receiving his sensual gifts. Make him feel like he is the only one for you.

Learn to enjoy the relationship that you have with him. Don’t take it for granted. When you are with him you should be able to tell that he has made an impression on you because of what he does and how he smells. The more familiar you are with his five senses the better you will know what to expect from him.

A woman that knows her man’s five senses well will know what to expect of him when it comes to lovemaking.

She can let him know what he smells like, he can let her know what he tastes like and she can also let him know what his touches feel like. Use your sense of smell to turn him on; put a little perfume on his neck or brush your hair against his face.

Use your sense of taste to spice things up during sex. Men like it when women can tease them and bring out their hidden flavors.

Experiment with different spices like onions or pepper on his tongue to bring out his sweetness. If he has a bit of a sweet tooth then going into oral sex might just be the thing for you. Just make sure that you are not going to overdo it will turn him off.

A man craves to be smelled by the woman that he is with. Putting Cologne on your partner or creating a scent that you know he likes can really drive him wild. When making love, use your five senses to find your man’s hot buttons. You should start with his neck, going down slowly and smelling where his skin pores are.

Find out what turns him on before you dive in head first. Finding his sweet spot is key to making love.

Once you have found it you will have him craving it for a long time to come. Women can be very descriptive when it comes to the smells that men love the most. The better you know your man the better gifts you can give him in the bedroom.

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