5 Senses Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

Wish to amaze a person you truly LOVE and also CARE for? Prepare for a collection of presents that give the gift of experiencing the senses with your partner.: SIGHT, SMELL, TASTE, HEAR as well as TOUCH.

When you gift them your partner the gift of smell, they get the pleasure of smelling all kinds of fragrances. When you gift your partner the gift of touch, they get the thrill of touching various items for real. This beginning of these 5-Senses Presents are suggests for lovers yet today we are going to provide those presents that you could provide for your family members as well as close friends.


If you are trying to find unique and special gift ideas for your partner this Valentine’s Day, why not try out some of these aromatherapy products and fragrances. One such product that you can gift is eucalyptus & ylang ylang spa eau de parfum. It has a woody base with notes of Ylang Ylang, Lily, Rose, Cherry blossom and Eucalyptus.

This fragrance is long lasting and best suited for both women and men. You can also opt for a range of scented candles. You can go for natural perfumes like Fleur de Lys, Peppermint mocha, Mango, and Lavender lemon. These scented candles can be used both as indoor and outdoor candles.


You could go imaginative on this by integrating a present that please both scent as well as taste completely. Attempt to remember exactly what makes him/her fired up, kick back or inspired. Right here are some present suggestions:

If he prefers a morning coffee, a French press coffee maker is an excellent gift idea. It’s sturdy and also comes with a water filter, making it a great, green option. Its compact size makes it easy to store, and its long-lasting coffee grounds make this eco-friendly gift a total win.

Every year we get a hunk of red chocolate from a local bakery called Aromas. Who knows if he’s actually going to eat the chocolates, but he is going to make a cake out of them. Who wants a boring tin of biscuits when you can have a tray of all-chocolate and cream ones?


Rely on the personalities of the individual, pick this present really thoroughly. There are particular kind of individuals that similar to fairly atmosphere, possibly a relaxing songs CD fit that individuality.

The next thing that you can gift your partner is a set of headphones. You can gift your partner wireless Bluetooth headphones that are quite functional and you can give him a safe way to use them. If you want your partner to be heard with utmost clarity, you can go for a noise cancelling Bluetooth headphone.

These headphones have soft and comfortable padded ear cushions, which are made of memory foam. You can also opt for Sony WF-1000X Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones. This product has three noise cancelling modes, namely, on, off and ambient noise mode.

You can also gift your partner a Bluetooth audio device. These Bluetooth devices are quite functional and make listening to music a hassle-free experience.


Eyes are one of the most sensory body organs among males, so you possibly wish to pay a little even more focus on this present if your presents are implies for guys, partner or dad.

Customized underwear. Help a gentleman who wants to make a statement, or help a female he loves stand out. These “red boxes” by Provisions have pouches that accommodate two pair of undies, and they come in a variety of colors and styles. Or check out this jewelry and undies set by Madrona Fashion that would be perfect for the woman who’s always looking for that perfect gift

Film with each other in IMAX cinema
Ticket to gallery, blossom event …
Romance candle light supper checking out various other
Enjoying previous picture cd with each other as well as remember all the terrific minutes.
Image collection of both your photo with each other on a remarkable event/trip (for her).
Red hot underwear with you using it:-RRB- (for him).


This could be one of the most picking up present for both males and females!

A warm important oil massage therapy from you to him/her.
Silk sort of fighter or underwears.
A bubble day in the tub complete with increased flower … sparkling wine.
Enchanting dancing embracing each various other very closely.
Intimate connection that filled with touching …

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