DIY Headboard Ideas – Fabric Covered Headboard

One from the easiest DIY headboard ideas is really a fabric covered headboard. It is easier and less expensive than you might think. The best part is that you could customize it to match your specific taste and type.

Fabric Covered Headboard

For this fabric covered headboard you will need: plywood, foam, batting, fabric plus a staple gun.
You can find plywood at any hardware store. Take your measurements prior to going after which make them cut the piece to the correct size to suit your needs.

The next step is to add your foam. You can use any size foam depending on how cushy you desire the headboard to be. Either make use of a staple gun to add or use spray adhesive if the foam is really a little thicker.

Next, lay the batting on top and secure for the back having a staple gun. Do the same together with your fabric after which secure the complete headboard towards the wall. It’s so easy.

A few tips about buying your materials:

When buying foam, wait for a half off sale or until you have a coupon. It can be expensive prefer a great amount. You don’t need a really thick foam, so buy a bit thinner or skip it all together to save some money.

When buying fabric, head straight to the clearance section and find out if you can find something there first. If you’ve found a pricey fabric, again the most suitable choice is usually to wait for a sale or make use of a coupon.

Fabric stores will have 50% off sales, so just ask in the event the next you are coming and sign up to have the store coupons via mail. This will save a small fortune on all those gorgeous fabrics.

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